Following the report that Mark Zuckerberg has launched Whatsapp pay which is on trial in Brazil and Facebook pay which is in the pipeline, Paypal may have started it’s a journey to extinction. Just like Gmail killed Yahoomail; Whatsapp killed 2go; GSM killed Nitel/landline; Cashapps is killing recharge card; Whatsapp and Facebook pay are about to kill Paypal.

These are the reasons why the two platforms will push PayPal out of business. Though Paypal may have been in business for long and have not failed its users, ask yourself if other firms we mentioned above actually failed or are they small players in their industry. They didn’t fail their users but an option with a better promise for users sprang up. Facebook and WhatsApp have since they were launched given us much value to savour. The striking thing about them is that they are worldwide. There are no restrictions to the location they are available to users.

This is actually good news to Africans because a platform that has been our friend for years is coming to give us what we have longed for ages. It is no longer news about the kind of humiliation we get from Paypal and other platforms. Many people have had to forfeit the money they made online because they have no mean of receiving them. Others have seen great opportunities online buy are reluctant to venture into it because the only means of payment is PayPal.

With Whatsapp Pay, those who have been trying to crack the PayPal dichotomy will just forget about PayPal entirely. If Facebook continues with this kind of innovative ideas they have employed in running their social media and messaging apps, they on the verge of taking the market, not even PayPal can come on their paths.

How are Whatsapp pay and Facebook pay going to operate? WhatsApp pay started test running of the platform in Brazil this week. The users of the app are expected to link their WhatsApp number to bank cards. If you are concerned about the security, the transaction is expected to be protected with a fingerprint sensor and six digits code.

The WhatsApp team claim that when the development of the app is complete, it can be used simultaneously in four different devices. This means that users can have access to the same accounts in mobile and desktop at the same time.

They promise to share the platform with other parts of the world when the test in Brazil is over. We just hope they will not do what Paypal has been doing. If they do, they may not conquer PayPal, but if they fulfil our expectation in Africa, especially in Nigeria, Paypal will definitely be a history.

Will you like to have WhatsApp pay and Facebook app in all the countries in Africa. Drop your thoughts in the comment box. We are going to make it available to them so that they would know our need. Please like, share and follow so that we will get more opinions. They must not exclude us in this new technology.


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